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Stephen Colbert Isn’t Into Libraries (And So Can You!)

Stephen Colbert wants YOU.Photo: Getty Images

“Libraries are for cowards.” —Stephen Colbert on why fans should buy, not borrow, his forthcoming book, I Am America (And So Can You!) [EW]

“Too much pluribus and not enough unum.” —Filmmaker Ken Burns, on the trouble with America [USAT]

“It is interesting enough to spend, say, 700 words talking about it in a 70,000 word book. But it is not interesting enough to sustain, say, an entire school board meeting.”—Young-adult author John Green on the subject of teen sex [Pop Matters]

“If you’ve ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point. All my boyfriends have.” —Actress Evan Rachel Wood, on why her relationship with Marilyn Manson makes sense [People]

“You’re 80; you’re not supposed to like my album.” —Kelly Clarkson’s response to Clive Davis’s criticism of her latest work [NYP]
—Hannah Tucker

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Into Libraries (And So Can You!)