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Sting Becoming More of an (Expletive) by the Minute

Sting being an asshole.Photo: Wes Orshoski / Retna

“Sting was a (expletive) before, and now he really is.” —Stewart Copeland on what it’s like to be back on tour with the Police [Pop Matters]

“As long as they feed me that’s OK.” —Heroes’ Masi Oka on obsessed fans who make him their pet [Times Online]

“Underground car parks are fine, but aside from that, no.” —Victoria Beckham, on the circumstances under which she might wear sweatpants [Daily Mail]

“The Internet is really informative — but it can also be just a huge bathroom wall.” —Comedian-actor Dane Cook, who recently discovered a Website post claiming he’d died in New Zealand [NYP]

“What hurts me is that when she shot me … she didn’t even say, ‘Oh, my God, I just shot her.’ That’s what hurt me so much.” —Makeda Barnes-Joseph, the woman allegedly shot by rapper Remy Ma [NYDN]
—Hannah Tucker

Sting Becoming More of an (Expletive) by the Minute