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10 Lil Wayne Songs You Need to Download

Lil Wayne.Photo: Getty Images

He may sound like he just crawled out of a bong, but hip-hop’s most obsessed-over MC is also its most prolific. Lil Wayne hasn’t released an official album in almost two years, but, with a work ethic to shame Ryan Adams, he’s put out more songs in 2007 than most rappers do in a career. Until Steve Jobs invents an iPod big enough to hold all his mixtapes, though, Vulture presents our list of the ten new Wayne songs you should download right now.

10. “Haters (La, La, La)”
Until it leaked online early, this was supposed to be the first single from his forthcoming Tha Carter III. A decent mix of backstory and braggadocio, highlighted by an inexplicable shout-out to Angela Lansbury. [HM Blog]

9. “How You Like Me Now”
He bullshits about his drug intake and bling expenditures, but at least he’s upfront about his dental hygiene: “I got a grill, I don’t got to get my tooth fixed / The tooth fairy would retire if I lose it.” [HM Blog]

8. “Prostitute Flange”
Wayne sings! Sort of! [HM Blog]

7. “Uh Oh” (with Ja Rule)
If anything can make Ja Rule seem interesting again, it’s probably this. [Black Music One]

6. “Lyrical Homicide” (with the Game)
It’s pretty safe to say that Wayne is the only one guilty of murder on this track. Sorry, Game, please accept our condolences. [Nah Right]

5. “Duffle Bag Boy” (with Playaz Circle)
Playaz Circle’s verses are pretty boilerplate (rims, haters, cheddar, etc.), but Wayne’s hook transcends the bling-addled hot doggery. [Internet Archive]

4. “Alphabet Bitches”
Weezy nimbly assesses the contents of his phone book, in alphabetical order. The punch lines almost make up for the misogyny. [Cocaine Blunts]

3. “Gettin’ It” (with DJ Benji and the Cool Kids)
He’s “so high” that he thought he “saw spaceships,” but that won’t stop him from rhyming about sneakers, computer programming, and threesomes, all within the span of 40 seconds. [Gorilla vs. Bear]

2. It’s Me Bitches Remix (with Swizz Beats and R. Kelly)
In which he tries on a fake Jamaican accent and practices his French. Très bon. [DJ Rage]

1. “Help”
The titular Beatles sample makes it unlikely that this track will ever get a real release, which is a shame since it’s probably the most honest 83 seconds in his discography. This is Wayne’s candid plea for assistance (and not just from his weed carriers). [The Fader]

10 Lil Wayne Songs You Need to Download