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Week in Review: Yellow Fever!

Photo: Jed Egan

Looking back on a week in which we were all Springfieldians

We finished the new Harry Potter.

Then we wondered, “Will The Simpsons Movie be any good?” We wrote a Broadway musical and ate our weight in doughnuts. Finally, we saw it. Unlike these guys. At least A.O. Scott liked it.

We said good-bye to artist Jeremy Blake.

Oh, snap! Norman Mailer called Jean-Luc Godard “the third most awful man I’ve met in my life.”

The White Stripes rocked the Garden, M.I.A. played Coney Island, and Jonathan Ames punched a guy in the face.

And finally, Junie B. Jones killed the English language, and we killed Jack Bauer.

Week in Review: Yellow Fever!