Joey Ramone Sees Babies Cry, Watches Them Grow

Joey, in 1978, also sees skies of blue and clouds of white.Photo: Marcia Resnick / Retna

1. Joey Ramone, “What a Wonderful World”
This Ramones-ian punk take on the Louis Armstrong cover is a most appropriate eulogy for punk legend Hilly Kristal. [Music Slut]

2. Band of Horses, “Is There a Ghost”
Band of Horses do the Arcade Fire–style slow-build-into-a-triumphant-anthem rock, except with a singer who sounds like Geddy Lee. Whether you think that’s a compliment depends on your opinion of 2112. [A Tune a Day]

3. Rosco P. Coldchain, “My Screw’s Loose”
Rosco is a vampire slayer of an MC, but since he’s associated with the Clipse, it’ll be at least a decade before his own album comes out. Still, he’s crazy enough to inhabit a beat that’s one part Diddy, one part Kool Keith, and all insane. [Sit Down Stand Up]

4. Orba Squara, “Perfect Timing (This Morning)”
iPod jingles are like heroin: They always seem like they suck the first time you hear them, but eventually you can’t get enough. This iPhone song is the latest reason to tie off. [Stereogum]

5. The Swimmers, “The Ocean Lifts Her Dress”
Summer is nearly over, but don’t tell that to this sea-kissed shamble down an anonymous boardwalk. Be warned: The ocean is apparently a filthy old man. [I Am Fuel You Are Friends]

Joey Ramone Sees Babies Cry, Watches Them Grow