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Amy Winehouse to Quit Drugs, Alcohol

Amy Winehouse stares at our headline in disbelief.Photo: Getty Images

Winehouse Rehabbed: Last week responsible singer Amy Winehouse tried to overcome her addictions by locking herself in a hotel room. For some inexplicable reason, it didn’t work. Today, to the obvious glee of headline-writers the blogosphere around, she checked herself into rehab. [NME]

Simon Cowell Is Mean! The American Idol judge reneged on a deal he offered to 6-year-old singer Connie Talbot, who he originally said was “pure magic” but has since deemed too young. [Reuters]

DeGeneres to Tell Jokes on Television: Hilarious lesbian Ellen DeGeneres will tape a two-hour comedy special called Ellen’s Really Big Show to air on TBS. [Hollywood Reporter]

Piven and Ferrell, Together Again: Jeremy Piven will reteam with his Old School co-star Will Ferrell in a new film called Don Ready. [MTV]

Possible Short Circuit 3 Script Leaked? This will never, ever be made into a movie. [Picture Digger via Digg] —Sara Cardace

Amy Winehouse to Quit Drugs, Alcohol