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Amy Winehouse Walks the Walk

This was the best picture of Amy Winehouse we could find.Photo: Chicago/PA Photos/Retna

Winehouse a DIY-er: Contrary to reports, NME says Amy Winehouse has not checked herself into rehab. Instead, to recover from her suspected drug overdose on Wednesday, she’s locked herself in a London hotel room. Problem solved. [NME]

Notorious B.I.G. Movie to Be Terrible: Producers of the forthcoming biopic on Notorious B.I.G. are casting the lead role by asking nonprofessional actors to submit audition videos over the Internet. So don’t be surprised when this guy gets the part. [AP]

Promotional Rescue: The release of Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones IMAX concert documentary has been pushed back to allow more time to coordinate its promotional campaign. Makes sense, since it’ll definitely take some brilliant marketing to convince people to look at Mick Jagger on an IMAX screen. [Reuters]

Griffin in Grave Condition: In sad news, 82-year-old TV legend Merv Griffin’s prognosis is said to be “not good” as he battles prostate cancer for the second time. [Desert Sun]

Chan an International Laughingstock: Master thespian Jackie Chan claims no one is willing to take him seriously as an actor in Bollywood. If this were any more obvious, Paul Dergarabedian would have said it to a reporter. [Hindustan Times]

Amy Winehouse Walks the Walk