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Are Canadians Just Way Smarter Than Us?

Amazon.ca’s best-seller page at 5:30 today.Courtesy of Amazon

So right now over on the Amazon.ca best-sellers page, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is stuck at No. 3. What’s beating it? Lisp in Small Places and Probability Theory, two academic texts published by Cambridge University Press. Given that the two books — plus a third on statistics tucked in at No. 4 — all cost a relatively cheap CDN$3.95 (we think that’s like 99 cents American), we suspect some kind of organized campaign to portray the Canadian mind as more adept and acute than the American one.

To which we reply: Go for it, Canadians! We Americans take pride in our Philistinism! We suggest that all loyal Americans head straight over to Amazon.com and place an order for Uncle John’s Gigantic Bathroom Reader, which, should it hit No. 1, would perfectly encapsulate the American reading experience.

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Are Canadians Just Way Smarter Than Us?