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Are Spider-Man and Mary Jane Splitsville?

The cover of Amazing Spider-Man #545.Courtesy of Marvel

Remember last spring, when the death of Captain America turned into a bona fide pop-culture event? All of a sudden, there were comic books on CNN, on ABC, even in the New York Times — even though everyone who’s ever read a comic book pretty much knew that within a year Cap would be back. Well, get ready for the mainstream media to notice comic books all over again, because it looks like Mary Jane and Spider-Man are headed for the bitter end.

Earlier this week Marvel Comics sent news outlets the cover to the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #545, along with a note that read only: “The End of an Era.” What does it mean? Are Spidey and MJ getting divorced? Is MJ getting killed? Will newspapers and TV stations seize on the story in a way that will only encourage Marvel and DC to ignore reasonable story development and build their titles around huge faux-events like this one? Um, yes.

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Are Spider-Man and Mary Jane Splitsville?