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Axl Rose Continues to Make ‘Chinese Democracy’ a Priority

Getty Images (Axl), Rob Grabowski / Retna (Bach)

Dude, Where’s My Shampoo? Guns ‘N Roses singer Axl Rose will appear on two tracks on former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach’s forthcoming solo album, Angel Down: the charmingly-titled “Love Is a Bitch Slap” and an unnecessary cover of Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle.” Does this mean these two songs won’t be available until 3015? [Newsday]

Doherty Busted, World Yawns: Babyshambles singer and erstwhile Kate Moss paramour Pete Doherty, apparently concerned that crackhead-of-the-year contender Amy Winehouse may be stealing his thunder, has been booked for possession yet again. [Reuters]

Life Imitating Art, or Vice Versa (We Can’t Keep Track): The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has announced plans to air several real live, non-green-screen reports from the front lines in Iraq, starting tonight. Seriously! We think. [Yahoo]

What She Really Wants To Do Is …Operating under the delusion that anyone will want to read a book not set at Hogwarts, Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling has been spotted at cafés all over Scotland penning what’s reportedly her first venture into the detective genre. [Yahoo]

War and Peace vs. War and Peace: Tolstoy nerds everywhere ready their book-club invitations as both Ecco and Knopf prepare to unleash rival translations of War and Peace this fall. We’re going to buy the one that’s set at Hogwarts. [PW]

Axl Rose Continues to Make ‘Chinese Democracy’ a Priority