Beck Drops Science, Scientology

Xenu BeckPhoto: Getty Images

1. Beck, “Timebomb” (Live)
The world’s funkiest Scientologist drops this new single on Monday via iTunes, and this feverish live run-through will no doubt have a higher thetan level than the studio version. [Snakes Got a Blog]

2. 50 Cent, “Part Time Lover”
We propose that all rap albums be put on open-ended delay from now on, as it seems like Kanye, Lil Wayne, and especially 50 Cent are at their best while just sitting around waiting for stuff to happen. [Nah Right]

3. The Pendulums, “Ted the Candlestick Maker”
If you’re not headed to a renaissance fair this weekend, then throw one in your head with the help of this slightly creepy carnival tune. [Song By Toad]

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nathan Johnson, and Jared Gellar, “Likst Mir Arm Herzen”
What possesses the former 3rd Rock From the Sun star to croon a folksy lullaby with the help of some guys behind the Brick score? We have no idea. [Pinglewood]

5. Dashboard Confessional, “Thick As Thieves
Get ready to start your tear ducts, 13-year-old suburban rebels of America: Warm-blanket emo’s sad-eyed king weeps over a new acoustic anthem. [Surviving the Golden Age]

Beck Drops Science, Scientology