Bob Dylan Gets Horny

Bob Dylan: he wants your sax.Photo: Getty Images

1. Bob Dylan, “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)” (Mark Ronson remix)
Mark Ronson has made a career out of knowing people who play brass instruments, so he was the natural choice to do the first ever officially sanctioned remix of a Bob Dylan song. [Official site]

2. Thom Yorke, “Jetstream”
The Radiohead leader with another song about paranoia or robots or something. [Music Slut]

3. Dave Matthews, “#27” (live)
Matthews premiered this new song over the weekend at a show in the Hamptons, making the $15,000 ticket price a total nonissue. [Blog That Jane Likes via Stereogum]

4. Devendra Banhart, “Tonada Yanomaminista”
A pretty great song from the hippie’s upcoming album. [MySpace]

5. The Black Lips, “Cold Hands”
These Atlanta stooge rockers are probably best known for their onstage peeing and mid-set fireworks displays. This song won’t change that, but it’s still excellent. [Gorilla vs. Bear]

Bob Dylan Gets Horny