Brazilian Girls Outdo the Heads!

A Brazilian Girl, plus a dude.Photo: Robb D. Cohen / Retna

1. Brazilian Girls, “Crosseyed and Painless” (Talking Heads cover)
Definitely funkier than the Heads’ original, though nobody is a more awkward dancer than the big-suited Mr. Byrne — save for Michael Stipe. [Prefixmag]

2. The Dirty Projectors, “Rise Above” (Black Flag cover)
These Lower East Side indie-rock hobos have covered all of Black Flag’s classic debut album, Damaged, and they turn straight-ahead hard-core into angular art-school experiments with no Henry Rollins in sight. [Daily Growl]

3. Kate Nash, “Mouthwash”
Apparently, this British soul songstress dislikes being compared to Lily Allen, which would be a reasonable complaint if she didn’t sound exactly like Lily Allen. [Brooklyn Vegan]

4. Kanye West feat. John Legend, “Home”
Kanye does his part for the environment, recycling a verse from this 2002 track on the just-leaked song “Homecoming” — see if you can spot it! [Metal Lungies]

5. Portugal. The Man, “Sugar Cinnamon”
This band has to be giving copy editors aneurysms. Luckily, the song is engrossing enough to make anybody forget about their internal bleeding. [Stranded in Stereo]
—Kyle Anderson

Brazilian Girls Outdo the Heads!