Zac Efron Is a Big, Hard-Bodied Liar, Too

Oh, to brush that hair back into place …Photo: Getty Images

So we were thinking about Zac Efron again, lazily paging through his Rolling Stone cover story, when we noticed, in among the evidence exposing him as just another luscious bad boy into musicals and feeling girls up, a quote in which the soft-skinned, hard-bodied 19-year-old claims to not even have a fake I.D. He might be a godless hound for budding teen idols like Vanessa Hudgens, but Zac Efron is apparently something else as well: a liar. Even if he doesn’t have the kind of fake I.D. Disney money buys, he must get into clubs on looks (and possibly recognition) alone. In our book, that’s as good — nay, as bad — as using a counterfeit license. What might a fake license belonging to the ruggedly handsome and yet still rather pretty Zac look like? See for yourself after the jump. —Nick Catucci

Photo: Getty Images (Efron)

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Zac Efron Is a Big, Hard-Bodied Liar, Too