Happy Birthday, The Edge!

The Edge, 46 years young.Photo: Wattie Cheung / Camera Press / Retna

1. U2, “We Love You (Edge Birthday Song)”
Celebrate the birth of David Howell Evans by listening to Bono ramble about how much he loves everybody during a show from 2001. [Scatter o’ Light]

2. EPMD, “Blow”
Brentwood’s favorite sons keep coming out of retirement, but unlike Jay-Z, Erick Sermon, and PMD, they just keep getting better with age. [Nah Right]

3. Assembly Now, “Dancing in the Dark”
Are you a fan of Bruce Springsteen’s second-worst single? (You’re still No. 1, “57 Channels (And There’s Nothing On)”). Wonder what it would sound like if an English quintet took it on? You have too much time on your hands. [My Old Kentucky Blog]

4. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, “Ah, Mary”
Alt-country’s latest charmer does sometimes lay the granola on too thick, but this track injects some nicely crunchy guitar squalls amid the gentle strumming. [Concrete Circles]

5. Licorice Roots, “Hey There Little Love”
Shambling, disjointed psychedelic roots rock that has to be the best thing to come out of Delaware since … actually, this is the first good thing to ever come from the Blue Hen State. [3 Hive]
— Kyle Anderson

Happy Birthday, The Edge!