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Craig Ferguson: Surly, Drunk

In an obvious bid to appear more sober and less surly, Craig Ferguson sits next to Lily Allen.Photo: Getty Images

“Actually, I don’t know that I can dispatch the surly drunkenness so easily.” —Craig Ferguson on the Scottish stereotype he’d most like to debunk [TV Guide]

“Lauryn [Hill] is straight up the problem, bro.” —Wyclef Jean on why the Fugees haven’t reunited [Scratch]

“I don’t really have a problem with experimentation and so I experimented.” —Debbie Harry on being injected with growth hormones in the name of beauty [US]

“I’m basing it a little bit on my relationship with my neighbors.” —Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry on a new story line about a gay couple who will have a “fractious, hateful” rapport with Teri Hatcher’s character [AfterElton]

“I have some very compromising photos of them that I use as leverage to make myself the leader. There was a farm animal involved.” —George Clooney on his Ocean’s 13 co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon [Mainichi Daily News]

Craig Ferguson: Surly, Drunk