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Dita Von Teese Dishes Practical Advice

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“It was a matter of, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t drink absinthe and do cocaine and do interviews all at the same time.’” Dita Von Teese, on why she ended her marriage to Marilyn Manson [Radar]

“I think at this point everyone’s figured it out but, once in a while, someone will give it a try — and thank God. You don’t want to be too old for someone to at least give it a try.” —Straight actor Eric McCormack, from Will & Grace, on still being hit on by gay men [Metro U.K.]

“Only white people and older black people say ‘bling’ now.” Kanye West, who hasn’t said “bling” for months now [NYP]

“Come on, if anybody [else was] threatened by Al Qaeda, they’d take it seriously.” —Conspiracy theorist Bobby Brown, who thinks Osama bin Laden wants to kill him [NYDN]

“They’re mad that they spent $14 on a book that was not what they thought, but they’re not mad that chickens are having beaks chopped off their faces?” —Rory Freedman, co-author of the controversial diet book Skinny Bitch, which emphasizes a vegan lifestyle [NYT]
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Dita Von Teese Dishes Practical Advice