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Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in Film

It’s this one, we think.Photo: Getty Images

Thornton, Basinger, Olsen Are Informers: Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger join Ashley Olsen and Brandon Routh in the ensemble cast of The Informers, a Senator Entertainment film based on Bret Easton Ellis short stories… wait, just Ashley Olsen? How do you cast only one Olsen twin? Did they both read for it? Oh man, we hope they both read for it. [Variety]

Mann, Stone, Colvin to Salute John: Aimee Mann, Joss Stone, Shawn Colvin, and numerous other artists of about that fame-level pay tribute to Elton John at an October 10 event at Carnegie Hall. At what point does a man become overtributed? Is it like staying in the pool too long and getting all wrinkly? Is that what happened to Jack Nicholson? Watch out, Elton John! [HR]

Zellweger, Connick to Get Chilled in Miami: Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. are in negotiations to star in Gold Circle Films’ Chilled in Miami, about a Miami businesswoman who must cope with being transferred to rural Minnesota. A Miami businesswoman, you say? In Minnesota? Why, that’s almost like a fish out of water? And those are hilarious! Dying fish are hilarious. [Variety]

Parton Always Takin’, Never Givin’: Dolly Parton announced in a Los Angeles radio interview that a musical of her 1980 film 9 to 5 will debut on Broadway in spring 2009. Hey, look on the bright side, New Yorkers – a few years back, we weren’t sure any of us would live to see spring 2009! [Playbill]

Four Random Actors Made for Each Other: Bijou Phillips, Patrick Warburton, George Segal, and Christopher Kennedy Masterson have signed on for the indie comedy Made for Each Other, in which a frustrated husband — oh, okay, we don’t care either. Like we said, slowest week in history! [Backstage]

Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in Film