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Foxy Brown and Unborn Lil’ Foxy Headed to Prison

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Not So Foxy: Beleaguered rapper Foxy Brown was sent to jail today for violating the terms of her probation, which apparently prohibited assault on one’s neighbors, manicurists, and friends. But even if you count Nicole Richie, we’re still one preggers, jail-bound celebrity short of a trend. [NYM]

Winehouse Cancels Tour: Handlers of kooky singer Amy Winehouse announced today that her U.S. fall tour has been canceled because of her much-publicized love of drugs. [MTV]

CBS in Trouble for Helping Children Build Character: The producers of the hilarious upcoming CBS reality show Kid Nation — about 40 youngsters forced to survive unsupervised in the New Mexican desert — are clashing with state officials over a lack of permits and claims that the kids worked fourteen-hour days, suffered from grease burns, and drank bleach on camera. They drank what? Sorry, we were setting our TiVo. [NYT]

That’s the Best You Can Do? Classy retailer Barnes & Noble is refusing to carry O.J. Simpson’s “hypothetical” tell-all, If I Did It, in their stores, but will make the title available online, thus totally undoing any impact that a real stand-taking might have had. [PW]

Hey Baby! Lionsgate is suing merchandisers for using the trademark Dirty Dancing phrase “nobody puts baby in the corner” without the studio’s consent. Can’t they all just do the Pachanga and let bygones be bygones? [Reuters]
—Sara Cardace

Foxy Brown and Unborn Lil’ Foxy Headed to Prison