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Gay Talese Writing Memoir of His … Gulp … Open Marriage?

Gay and Nan TalesePhoto: Getty Images

So say Rush & Molloy, anyway, whose “literary source” claims Talese, author of the exhaustive first-person account of seventies sexuality Thy Neighbor’s Wife, is currently working on the book. We wouldn’t be so concerned about one old man’s priapism if Gay Talese weren’t married to Nan Talese, publishing legend, senior vice-president at Doubleday, and publisher of Ian McEwan, Margaret Atwood, and dozens of others. (And James Frey, but that’s another story.)

Now we know that we shouldn’t judge someone else’s marriage and that Nan Talese may well have gotten just as much out of an open union as her husband. And maybe the book will be a masterpiece. But we bet a lot of people in publishing view this prospect the way we do: It makes us feel icky and sad, as if a beloved great-aunt just caught her husband in flagrante with a couple of hussies.

Nan Left O-pen to Ridicule [NYDN]

Gay Talese Writing Memoir of His … Gulp … Open Marriage?