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Gesundheit, Warren Beatty!

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“It’s a sexual sneeze.” Warren Beatty, when asked what an orgasm is by his 8-year-old daughter [NYP]

“It could be big. It could be huge, man. A black and white cooking show with stories, because there’s a lot of waiting in cooking.” David Lynch, whose Inland Empire DVD contains bonus footage of him in the kitchen, which would make for an amazing Food Network show [VH1]

“It doesn’t bother me. I’ve never been disrespected in any way. If I’m like, ‘Yo, I get it, but I don’t swing that way,’ then it’s all love.” —Rapper Eve on her lesbian fans [Digital Spy]

“I have always loved his music, but I’m terrified about this because I am besotted. I watched the press conference he gave in San Francisco in 1965, or whenever it was, and just think, ‘I love you.’” Cate Blanchett on preparing for her upcoming role as Bob Dylan [Guardian via Daily Mail]

“I’m attracted to threshold experiences — to chaos, insanity, mayhem, so I was drawn to women who were dramatic, emotional and unpredictable, with great sexual energy. I liked surprises. I liked women who could be demonstrative, demanding, socially unacceptable.” Kelsey Grammer, whose wife, Camille, has irritable bowel syndrome [Parade]
—Elizabeth Black

Gesundheit, Warren Beatty!