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Hey Hollywood, Buy This Novel!

Courtesy of Shaye Areheart Books

We’re hearing that Evan Kuhlman’s 2006 novel, Wolf Boy, is getting a little bit of heat in Hollywood this week. Producer Jill Cutler at Irwin Winkler Productions is taking meetings with prospective buyers, and at least one offer is already on the table. (We’ve been told that Miramax is interested, though we don’t know if the offer is theirs.) Now, despite the title, Wolf Boy isn’t the Next Great Werewolf Novel, so it won’t sell for $1.75 million, but it is an inventive and visually exciting novel about a family in crisis and a teenager who deals with grief by creating his own comic book, excerpts of which appear in Kuhlman’s novel. It’s smart and funny and would make a really good movie.

We’re a big believer in incentive programs, so hey, Hollywood directors: If you option this book, Vulture pledges not to make fun of you for a period of six (6) months.* It is the least we can do to get this totally excellent novel bought for film.

*Excluding Brett Ratner

Hey Hollywood, Buy This Novel!