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Jeff Fahey’s Scary Eyes Join the Cast of ‘Lost’

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OMG, It’s the Lawnmower Man: Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirm that Jeff Fahey is the fifth new cast member for the upcoming season. In the contract’s rider, we hear that Fahey’s beard has requested its own trailer. [EW]

From the “Yeah, Sounds Right” Department: In an act of defiance and/or lunacy, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards eats a cigarette. When he can actually snort one, then we’ll be impressed. [NME]

Your Daily Dose of English Crackheads: For reasons known only to herself and God, Lily Allen pushed a reggae singer off the stage at a festival; he dumped beer on her head. Meanwhile, the in-laws of singer Amy Winehouse would appreciate it if you’d stop buying her music until she gets clean and sober. ‘Cause that’ll teach her a lesson! [The Sun, Guardian]

Defending the Indefensible: Rob Schneider takes out an ad in an Australian paper to respond to charges that I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was plagiarized. [SMH]

Wes Anderson Will Not Be Pleased: Police logs confirm that Owen Wilson did, in fact, try to commit suicide. We here at Vulture are very sad to hear this and wish Owen the best — but if this has anything to do with Kate Hudson, we’re going to be pissed. [CNN]

Jeff Fahey’s Scary Eyes Join the Cast of ‘Lost’