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Jennifer Aniston Falls for Steve Zahn

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Aniston in Belber’s Management: Jennifer Aniston signs on to Management, romantic comedy that serves as playwright Stephen Belber’s directing debut. Steve Zahn co-stars as an assistant motel manager who falls for Aniston’s saleswoman and pursues her across the country. Presumably it’s reciprocated eventually, because otherwise this becomes a horror movie really quickly. Actually, we’d probably rather watch that. [Variety]

Macy a Family Man: TNT green-lights one-hour pilot for Family Man, which stars William H. Macy as a loving father who leads a dysfunctional gang of burglars. Sounds like the role hits Macy right in his bumbling, goofball sweet spot! [HR]

A Dream Postponed: The Public Theater postpones its first preview of A Midsummer Night’s Dream owing to the trapdoor fall and injury of director Daniel Sullivan earlier this week. Sullivan fractured ribs and collapsed a lung in the fall, but the show will miss only one preview. Shakespeare’s royalties unaffected. [Playbill]

Rodriguez Joins Avatar: James Cameron’s first post-Titanic feature, Avatar, is rounding out its cast, adding Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang (Off Broadway’s Beyond Glory) to its story of Marines at bay on a faraway planet. 3-D motion-capture film will shoot its live-action references in October. [Variety]

The Spirit Cast: Relative unknown Gabriel Macht is cast as the title character in Will Eisner’s The Spirit, written and directed by Frank Miller. By “title character” we mean The Spirit, not Will Eisner. Unless this is some kind of comic-book biopic focusing on Eisner’s indomitable spirit as he battles … no. [Variety]

Art Brut, Hold Steady to Tour: Cross-Atlantic indie-rock stars Art Brut and the Hold Steady will tour together this fall. Pitchfork happily sums up the potential audience for these shows as “rock critics + drunks,” to which we respond with the below Venn diagram. [Pitchfork]

Jennifer Aniston Falls for Steve Zahn