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J.J. Abrams’s ‘Cloverfield’: Okay, Maybe There Are Raptors

Getty Images/AFP (Velociraptor), Courtesy of Paramount (Cloverfield still)

Ain’t it Cool News has purported new plot details from J.J. Abrams’s Cloverfield (or Monstrous or 1-18-08 or Overnight or whatever it’s called) which seem to corroborate what we told you last week about the movie featuring — in addition to the big monster — multiple smaller raptorlike ones. According to anonymous, “untested” sources who’ve allegedly seen parts of the film, Cloverfield will be a “survivors on the run” movie which “isn’t predictable in terms of which characters make it and which characters don’t.” (Well, unless you have the call sheet, that is.) Spoilers after the jump.

Says AICN, there’s a scene in the film in which three main characters, including Rob, “limp along until US Army soldiers storm in shouting at them, demanding they drop they’re weapons, they shout back they’re unarmed, there’s a lot of commotion … ‘What is that thing?’ they ask as they catch their breath. The cryptic answer comes from a soldier: ‘We don’t know, but it’s winning.’”

A little later, “Rob gets angry with the aggressiveness of the soldiers who now tell them they can’t leave, ‘I’m going out there, if you want to stop me you’ll have to shoot me.’ We gather he’s looking for his girlfriend. ‘I feel really sick’ the girl unexpectedly mutters, the camera pans to her, she’s looks like she’s about to throw up, and curiously is crying blood from her right eye. Someone shouts ‘She’s been bitten!’” Then, apparently, “chaos ensues.”

A separate source claims that the smaller monsters (who are presumably responsible for the biting) are created when “a scale is dislodged from the larger monster (if it gets blown off by shelling, for example)” The scales “turn into smaller, raptorlike creatures that run around wrecking havoc.” Sure, sounds reasonable to us.

CLOVERFIELD Madness Resumes!! Plot Structure Rumors!! Monster Rumors!! [AICN]

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J.J. Abrams’s ‘Cloverfield’: Okay, Maybe There Are Raptors