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John Cusack’s Lost That Loving Feeling

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“I feel close to Lloyd in Say Anything. He was like a super-interesting version of me. Only I’m not as good as him. Whatever part of me is romantic and optimistic, I reached into that to play Lloyd. Of course, now it’s all gone. Now I’m just bitter.” John Cusack, who’s still upset about giving his heart and getting a pen [Guardian]

“After living in Vegas I’ve been offered $20,000 to $30,000 to have sex with people and I turned it down. Maybe it’s because it was with married men. I’m not into the whole home-wrecking thing. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m a prostitute. I don’t know — probably for a million I would.” —Rock of Love contestant Heather, on her asking price for an indecent proposal [Nerve]

“I’m not excited about the reunion. I don’t know if it was in my capacity to have a favorite Spice Girl, I was so angry by how rubbish the music was. I was into Rage Against The Machine back then, so they were probably the anti-Spice Girls.” Ryan Phillippe on his disinterest in all things Spice Girl [Metro U.K.]

“Whenever I play Guitar Hero my opponent always kicks my ass on my own riffs. It’s embarrassing. Now that I’m actually in the game I hope the digital me will win once in a while.” Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, who will be a character in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock [Rolling Stone]

“I have a few extra minutes right now because rehearsal was postponed due to Mrs. Tennessee getting struck by a rattlesnake. It was right by the entrance to our rehearsal. She is going to be fine, but was taken to the hospital just to be sure. Very Scary! Rehearsal will be a different location today.”Mrs. Idaho, Lauralyn Salinas, who has been documenting the lead-up to the Mrs. America Pageant on her blog [Mrs. Idaho America]
—Elizabeth Black

John Cusack’s Lost That Loving Feeling