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John Goodman Picks ‘Bunyan’

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Goodman to Voice Lumberjack: John Goodman has signed on to voice Paul Bunyan in Exodus Films’ CG-animated Bunyan & Babe. Comedian Eddie Griffin will play the part of Babe the Blue Ox, and then he will likely look for a new agent. [HR]

Black Sabbath May Take Place Later Than Expected: Tony Iommi, the guitarist for the legendary pioneering metal band Black Sabbath, tells Billboard that rumors of the band’s reunion are premature, as he and Ozzy Osbourne still haven’t written any new material. Man, that’s depressing. If these guys don’t have their shit together, who does? [Billboard]

Lust to Throw Caution to the Winds: Speaking from the Venice Film Festival where Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution just debuted, Lee’s partner and Focus Features co-chair James Schamus announced that Focus would not contest the MPAA’s decision to give the film an NC-17 rating, reasoning that the film is intended for adults. Way to kill the attention-grabbing controversy, James Schamus. And hasn’t anyone told you that “adults” don’t go to movie anymore? [Variety]

Ribisi Signs with CAA: Giovanni Ribisi has signed with the Creative Artists Agency for representation in all areas and media. We’re sure that CAA will get Ribisi way better whiny, ratlike, repulsive supporting roles than his last agency did. [HR]

Spring Awakening Breaks Even: Reps for the multiple Tony-award-winning juggernaut Spring Awakening announced that it has recouped its investment, an increasingly rare occurrence on Broadway. So in retrospect, we guess that an expensively mounted pop musical based on a 115-year-old German play about the tragedy of repressed adolescent sexuality isn’t a bad idea. Good call, Duncan Shiek. [Playbill]

John Goodman Picks ‘Bunyan’