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Justin Timberlake to Bring Hockey Back

Has anyone ever noticed that Justin Timberlake is sort of weird looking?Photo: Getty Images

Timberlake Needs a Love Guru: Justin Timberlake joins Mike Myers’s new comedy The Love Guru, starring Myers as a spiritual romance adviser raised in an Indian ashram who must provide guidance to a hockey player’s wife (Jessica Alba) when she starts dating a rival player (Timberlake). Or, looked at another way, a sexy romantic drama with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba will be repeatedly interrupted by the shameless mugging of Mike Myers. [Variety]

Howard Takes to the Streets: Busy actor Terence Howard signs on to Rogue Pictures’ untitled urban thriller as a street-fighting coach. They have coaches for street-fighting? Wait, does that mean there’s also a Little League? ’Cause if so, Hollywood producers, we at Vulture have a pitch for you! [Variety]

Gugino Gets Righteous: Sultry Carla Gugino (Sin City) will fight tooth and nail for a few meager scraps of attention in Jon Avnet’s forthcoming police thriller Righteous Kill, which reunites Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. She won’t get them. [HR]

Morris Back Out in the Cold: CBS prime-time star Kathryn Morris has agreed to return for a fifth season of the hit Jerry Bruckheimer procedural Cold Case, which focuses on long-unsolved murders, in exchange for a salary bump and a production deal. Worth every penny too; at this point what other actor in Hollywood can nod with such riveting patience when a witness says, “Gosh, no one’s asked me about that night for twenty years.” [HR]

Ex-Model on a Death Race: Former Jennifer Lopez clothing-line model Natalie Martinez is in negotiations to play the love interest of Jason Statham’s character in Universal’s remake of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000. From modeling J-Lo’s clothes to making out with The Transporter while he drives a fast car — Hollywood truly is the land where dreams come true! [Backstage]

Justin Timberlake to Bring Hockey Back