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Kanye Hugs It Out in the Press

Kanye West, acclaimed rapper and owner of the world’s largest wristwatch.Photo: Wattie Cheung / Camera Press / Retna

No, Thank You: Failed beefer Kanye West goes on the record to thank 50 Cent for bringing out the best in him by issuing the much-publicized release-date challenge. Aw. [MTV]

Enter Sandmen: The long-anticipated big-budget remake of the smash 1976 film Logan’s Run got a green light at Warner Brothers, with director Joseph Kosinski, who no one’s ever heard of, attached to direct. [Reuters]

Sopranophiles, Prepare Your Mouses: The owners of the real-life club that appeared as the Bada Bing on The Sopranos have announced plans to auction off the stripper poles, neon men’s-room sign, and even a set of bar stools once graced by the buttocks of James Gandolfini?. [WP]

Doherty Set Free: After his umpteenth arrest for drug possession, reckless driving, and the like, Pete Doherty was released by a British judge today on some sort of technicality. Apparently the judge was high at the time as well. [Billboard]

K-Fed Not Going Quietly: The producers of the CW’s One Tree Hill have cast rapper-nobody-likes Kevin Federline as a rocker nobody likes for an upcoming episode of the show. [Yahoo]

Kanye Hugs It Out in the Press