Kanye West Got Juice

Someone, please show Kanye how to hold a bat.Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne, “Barry Bonds”
Hip-hop’s biggest blowhard aligns himself with the new home-run king. Kanye must be on the cream or the clear, because his verse somehow manages to knock Lil Wayne’s out of the park. [Mixtape Maestro]

2. Roisin Murphy, “Modern Timing”
Murphy used to sing in electronica never-weres Moloko, but don’t hold that against her. Her cool, detached voice matches up with the icy Euro-disco perfectly. Note to Scissor Sisters: This is how it’s done. [Idolator]

3. Lorn, “Eat It”
We would listen to an entire album of dance tracks based around Christian Bale’s recitations from American Psycho. This is an excellent start. [Crackers United]

4. Eminem versus Genesis, “Without Me vs. Land of Confusion”
Doesn’t it seem like Eminem would be a Peter Gabriel guy? It’s a good thing somebody cleared that up. [Birdie Song]

5. David Banner, “So Special”
You wouldn’t like one of the South’s best rappers when he’s angry, and according to this song, he’s got beef with just about everybody. Duck, Jesse Jackson! [Nah Right] —Kyle Anderson

Kanye West Got Juice