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‘Lars and the Real Girl’: Ryan Gosling Loses His Mind

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The Tagline: “I don’t feel good.” “Well, [my plastic sex doll] Bianca could help you, she has nurse’s training.”

Translation: It’s happening already!

The Gist: Given that it’s written by Six Feet Under’s Nancy Oliver and stars our all-time favorite portrayer of a history-teaching crackhead, we’re willing to give Lars and the Real Girl the benefit of the doubt — but it’s a pretty big doubt. Ryan Gosling plays the titular Lars, a deluded, maladjusted dunce who orders a sex doll on the Internet and convinces himself that it’s his real girlfriend. Paul Schneider and Emily Mortimer play his brother and sister-in-law, who try to keep up the charade in the hopes that he’ll wake up and realize he’s a character in a film that probably would have worked better as a two-minute SNL sketch. Kelli Garner stars as Lars’s flesh-and-blood love interest, just because the movie wouldn’t be completely absurd without one of those. We almost want to see it, just to prove to ourselves that it can’t possibly be as stupid as it looks. It can’t be, right?

Lars and the Real Girl trailer [Apple]
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‘Lars and the Real Girl’: Ryan Gosling Loses His Mind