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Let’s Go, Voltron Force!

Courtesy of World Events Productions

Voltron!!!!!: New Regency in negotiations to make Justin Marks’s script for a post-apocalyptic live-action Voltron, which clearly would be the greatest movie ever. But will it be the Voltron of the Far Universe, the Near Universe, or the Middle Universe? And what about the Space Mice? [Variety]

Thor!!!!!: Matthew Vaughn will direct Thor, based on Marvel Comics hero sent to Earth from Valhalla to protect mankind. Immediate search begins for star, and all Hollywood waits to know: Which actor will mainline the immense number of roids necessary to play the role? [Variety]

Vampires!!!!!!: Alan Ball returns to HBO with a series based on Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire books. Pilot stars Anna Paquin as a waitress who falls for a vampire in small-town Louisiana. [Variety]

Big!!!!!: Chris Noth signs on for Sex and the City movie. Sure, they’ll need Noth — someone’s got to play Mr. Big’s corpse in the first scene. [Variety]

Hathaway!!!!!!: Anne Hathaway will topline Jonathan Demme’s ensemble comedy Dancing With Shiva for Sony Classics. Bill Irwin, Anna Deveare Smith, and Debra Winger round out the oddball cast. [Variety]

Biography!!!!!!: Five publishers reportedly in auction for authorized bio of Chris Farley by his brother Thomas Farley. Due to be published by Rugged Land this fall, book came available when publisher went out of business. Bidding is in mid-six figures, so perhaps Thomas Farley can stop living in a van down by the river. [PW]

Let’s Go, Voltron Force!