Lupe Fiasco Plays Stupid

Lupe FiascoPhoto: Getty Images

1. Lupe Fiasco, “Dumb It Down”
The greatest Chicago nerdcore emcee ever returns, and he’s got the lines of the year: “Writer of the white powder / Picker of the fire flower / Spit hot fire like Dylan on Chappelle’s skit.” Making the Band just got served! [Attorney St.]

2. Phantom Planet, “Our House” (CSNY cover)
Noah Baumbach’s latest festival of awkwardness, Margot at the Wedding, looks like it’ll be a winner, not unlike the Phantom Planet song featured in the trailer. Not even a “serious” Jack Black performance could derail it. [Faronheit]

3. Supermayer, “Please Sunshine”
No, it’s not John Mayer’s alter ego, but rather a collaboration between two dance vanguards on the Kompakt label. It’s Casio disco that’s seventeen times more entertaining than Superman Returns. [Audioversity]

4. Gore Gore Girls, “Where Evil Grows”
It’s never too early for Halloween (as the release of Halloween proves), so have a little Detroit garage goth to get you in the mood for Rob Zombie’s slash fest. [Plague of Angels]

5. The Raveonettes, “Dead Sound”
The Raveonettes are back, writing more songs about motorcycles, heartbreak, avalanches, and car crashes. This song covers at least half of those. [Pampel Moose]

Lupe Fiasco Plays Stupid