Mandy Moore Ruins Another Song

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1. Mandy Moore, “Umbrella” (Rihanna cover)
Ever think, “I really like that Rihanna song, but I just wish it were slower, quieter, and included off-key backing vocals from session musicians?” Now you have something in common with Mandy Moore. [Stereohyped]

2. Talib Kweli feat. Justin Timberlake, “The Nature”
With all these croon-the-hook guest spots on hip-hop albums, it’s become official: JT is the new Nate Dogg, and this sharp track is his “Regulate.” [Mixtape Maestro]

3. Baby Elephant feat. David Byrne, Nona Hendryx, and DJ Roc Raida, “How Does the Brain Wave?”
This jittering hiccup of galactic world beat is so bass-heavy and weird that you have to assume this is what it sounds like in Prince’s head all the time. [Siart]

4. New Young Pony Club, “The Get Go”
No, this isn’t a supergroup featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, and Hilary Swank — it’s a quintet of dance-happy Brits with a bassist named Igor. Spooky! [Carl Sandburg Visits]

5. The Replacements, “Jailhouse Rock”
Elvis Presley went into hiding 30 years ago today (either in a coffin or in a trailer park in Tulsa), so why not celebrate with a bunch of drunks from Minneapolis sputtering their way through one of the King’s definitive tunes? [My Old Kentucky Blog]
—Kyle Anderson

Mandy Moore Ruins Another Song