Mark Ronson Needs to Pick Better Rivalries

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Mark RonsonPhotos: Retna UK, Getty Images

In what will certainly be remembered as 2007’s least essential feud, producer of alcoholic chanteuses Mark Ronson and relevancy-deficient trip-hop band Portishead have squared off on their respective MySpace pages. P-Head keyboardist Geoff Barrow took the first shot: “Mark fuckin’ Ronson … I think it takes an amazing talent to turn decent songs into shit funky supermarket Muzak.” Then, for some inexplicable reason, Ronson fired back: “Grow the fuck up and go back to doing what you did in the early 90’s — making monumental music. Then maybe, again, your music will be popular enough to be played in supermarkets, like it once was.” Oh, snap!

Barrow has a history of saying mean things about the day’s most popular remixers, which seems to be all he’s really up to these days, as Portishead have not released an album in almost ten years. Mark Ronson, be more discerning!

Mark Ronson Hits Back at Portishead [Gigwise]

Mark Ronson Needs to Pick Better Rivalries