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Meryl Streep: Lazy

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“They said, ‘You don’t have the requisite ambition. You don’t want it hard enough.’ … It was a fair criticism. But I didn’t think I needed it, necessarily, to be an actor and a happy person.” Meryl Streep, discussing her Yale Drama professors’ critique of her ambition [NYDN]

“To me, that’s like walking into a room holding a pile of shit and saying ‘Look what I almost stepped in!’ ” Matt Damon on including deleted scenes from The Bourne Ultimatum on the DVD. [EW]

“It wasn’t like Goodfellas, when the guy shows up with the fur coat and the white Christmas tree. Nothing changed. I eat a lot of sushi so maybe I just got some extra toro that day.” —Interpol’s Paul Banks on how he celebrated the band’s signing to Capitol Records [Pitchfork]

“I think Jim’s like ‘Please, America, tell me you saw that.’” —The Office’s John Krasinski on his character’s deadpan looks to the camera. [Buzz Sugar]

“It’s dangerous to work by yourself, in your house, alone. I’m lucky I’m married, otherwise I’d probably have a beard. Sorry if you have a beard.” —“Achewood” comic-strip author Chris Onstad on the perils of working from home [A.V. Club]

Meryl Streep: Lazy