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Michael Cera Gets Revolting

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Cera Gets His Own Trailer: Superbad’s Michael Cera has signed on to star in Youth in Revolt, a comedy about a trailer-park teen and his uproarious attempts to lose his virginity. Presumably there will be boobies. [Variety]

Studio Band to Release Live Album: Space-helmeted knob twiddlers Daft Punk are eyeing a November release for their forthcoming live album, which was recorded in June in their native Paris. It will sound exactly like their studio albums. [Billboard]

Famous Running Back to Publish Book: New York–based Beaufort Books has signed a deal with the Goldman family to publish If I Did It by noted non-murderer O.J. Simpson. We’ve never heard of Beaufort Books, but we’re pretty sure that this will finally get them the respect and admiration that they’ve so long deserved. [PW]
Update: Daily Intel has more!

HBO to Air Movie About Old Person: HBO has bought the rights to Run Granny Run, a documentary about a 94-year-old grandmother who ran for a Senate seat in New Hampshire. Well, hobbled more likely. [Variety]

Guys With Silly Names to Make Album: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell Williams have announced plans to record an album as CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers). So far they’ve only recorded one track, “Us Placers,” which is a total stinker, but we’re still excited. [Billboard]

Michael Cera Gets Revolting