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Mother of Suri to Play Superhero?

Yes, we have Photoshop.Hulten Archive/Getty Images (Wonder Woman), Getty Images (Holmes)

Scientologist Allowed to Leave Home: Katie Holmes has reportedly flown to Los Angeles — sans Tom — to discuss a starring role in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. [Star Pulse]

Winehouse off the Wagon, on the Horse? Amy Winehouse has left rehab — in a helicopter, no less! — only two days after checking in, though she insists she just went home to pick up her guitar and will return. According to Winehouse’s mother-in-law, the crazy singer is being treated for an addiction to heroin. [NME]

Timberlake: White? Reliable source of inane music news Contact Music reports that British music mogul and master logician Louis Walsh has claimed Justin Timberlake will never be as big as Prince, because he is white. For some reason, CM has chosen to illustrate this story with a picture of Alex Rodriguez, presumably to imply that A-Rod could be as big as Prince were he to take up an instrument. [Contact Music]

King Vandalizes Books: According to the BBC, Stephen King recently entered an Australian bookstore and began defacing novels with his own signature. The author is still at large. [BBC]

Mother of Suri to Play Superhero?