Nellie McKay Gets Reanimated

Nellie McKayPhoto: RD/Leon/Retna

1. Nellie McKay, “Zombie”
Downtown’s craziest punk-cabaret-showtune-comedy crooner (and that’s saying a lot) rips on the undead and dances on their corpses. [Pitchfork]

2. Bloc Party, “Hunting for Witches (Live)”
A stirring live version from their overlooked album from a few months ago. Not necessarily about effigies but probably about George Bush. [Chezlubacov]

3. Fabolous feat. Lil’ Mo, “Make Me Better (Remix)”
Fabolous is a terrible rapper, and he’s also a void from which no charisma can escape. But pair him with diva Lil’ Mo and the beat from “Big Poppa,” and suddenly he’s bearable. [Mixtape Maestro]

4. Elliott Smith, “Place Pigalle”
“New” songs from Portland’s lovelorniest singer-songwriter keep appearing out of the ether, and each one is sadder than the last. Like most of his songs, it sounds like it’s about heartbreak but is probably about heroin. [Rawkblog]

5. Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, “Some Velvet Morning”
No, he’s not the guy who sings “God Bless the USA” (that would be Lee Greenwood, and he sucks too much to die), but rather the guy who produced Nancy Sinatra’s best work. This duet is one of the finer moments for both of them. [Some Velvet Blog]
—Kyle Anderson

Nellie McKay Gets Reanimated