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‘No Country for Old Men’ Trailer: Coen Brothers Mount Up

Courtesy of Miramax

The Tagline: “One opportunity can change your life. One mistake can destroy it.”

The Translation: The Coen brothers would like you to say hello to their little compressed-air gun.

The Verdict: After a few years spent on screwball comedies (Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers), the Coen brothers seem poised for a return to nihilistic form with No Country for Old Men, which they adapted from the Cormac McCarthy book. Josh Brolin’s West Texas rancher stumbles upon a bag of cash. Javier Bardem pursues Brolin with a compressed-air gun. Tommy Lee Jones is the sheriff chasing them both. This new R-rated trailer is a veritable checklist of Joel and Ethan tropes — blood-splattering European sociopaths, folksy local law enforcement patrolling nowheresville, hotel shoot-outs, etc. Bonus: the highest number of sweaty, frantic shots of Josh Brolin since The Goonies. —Connor Kilpatrick

No Country For Old Men Redband trailer [Official site]

‘No Country for Old Men’ Trailer: Coen Brothers Mount Up