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Perry Farrell Writes Theme Song for ESPN — No, We Don’t Know Why

Because when you see this man, you think sports.Photo: Getty Images

Farrell in Da Club: Following in the footsteps of Hank Williams Jr. and the Black Eyed Peas, unlikely bedfellows 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, and Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party have recorded a new theme song for ESPN, to be included in opening of the sports network’s NCAA coverage. Meaning that the Entourage theme song will no longer be the only Farrell song you fast-forward through each week. [MTV]

Turd Blossom to Write Turdy Book: White House enfant terrible Karl Rove has announced that his first project after leaving the White House will be to write a book, and that he’s already talking to the fat-cat book lawyer who brokered deals for Hillary Clinton and Alan Greenspan. At least those were the names he leaked to Robert Novak. [PW]

Silly Show Axed: HBO today confirmed its decision to cancel its oddball dark surfing drama John From Cincinnati just one day after the airing of its mysterious season finale episode. Wait, it was still on? [Reuters]

Even Sillier Show Announced: Trent Reznor is looking to adapt his apocalyptic, sci-fi concept album Year Zero into a series for the small-screen. It will be terrible. [Rolling Stone]

Voted Off: An American Idol–themed, Clay Aiken–worshipping Off Broadway musical leaves the stage today after just one night at the 45th Street Theater. Producer Todd Ellis cites a “lack of advance ticket sales, a lack of positive feedback from audience members and critics and a lack of sustainable financial resources.” So apart from those things, it was a smashing success. [Reuters]
—Sara Cardace

Perry Farrell Writes Theme Song for ESPN — No, We Don’t Know Why