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Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ Remake Leaks, Rob Zombie Shrugs

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No, bearded metalhead Rob Zombie has not seen the leaked version of his Halloween remake, which popped up on BitTorrent sites early this morning. But he assures us — well, “pretty-sure”s us — that it’s a really, really old unfinished version of the film (the finished product hits theaters on Friday).

But he’s still pissed, though, right? Vulture spoke with Zombie this afternoon, and he seemed to be taking it in stride: “I mean, it’s just the way things are,” he says. “It’s a world of thievery.” Digg-ers seem split 50-50, some arguing that the film, er, work print sucks a big one, while the other Digg-ers abso-freaking-lutely love everything Zombie touches. What do we think? The Devil’s Rejects was pretty rad, and we’ll watch anything with Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” on the soundtrack. Check back later this week for more of our conversation with Mr. Zombie. —Elizabeth Cline

Rob Zombie’s Halloween Workprint Leaked Online
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Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ Remake Leaks, Rob Zombie Shrugs