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Russell Crowe to Rock Tights?

Crowe totally winning the facial-hair-growing race. Photo: Getty Images

Russell Crowe, Evil Nemesis: While promoting his new movie 3:10 to Yuma, Christian Bale “let slip” that his co-star Russell Crowe would also be appearing with him in the forthcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. We suspect he may have been joking. In related news, Bale and Superman star Brandon Routh will not be reprising their heroic roles in the long-delayed, big-budget adaptation of the superhero flick Justice League — thus ensuring that no one will actually go see it when it comes out. [If Mag,
The Guardian]

Half A Billion Might Do the Trick: Melancholic crooner Morrissey confirmed today that he’s turned down a reported $75 million to do a massive Smiths reunion tour with all four of his original bandmates, and he also made vague references to the possibility of retiring from the touring circuit altogether. [Newsday]

Awesome News for Jousting Fans: NBC has announced plans to bring ye olde physical-competition reality show American Gladiators back to the ring. Our spandex mankinis are pressed and at the ready. [Variety]

Another Day, Another Pete Doherty Item: Cracked-out rocker Pete Doherty has now been accused of assaulting a British paparazzi, leaving her with bruises and “lost clumps of hair.” [The Sun]

The Hold Steady Indulges Comic-Book Fans: Raucous local favorites the Hold Steady are planning to release a comic book illustrating the lyrics to their hit album Boys and Girls in America. The first 200 people to bust out their wallets will also receive a live EP and a limited-edition band T-shirt — basically, everything a Hold Steady fan could want aside from an ice-cold brew or twelve. [Pitchfork]
— Sara Cardace

Russell Crowe to Rock Tights?