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Sally Field Maintains a Healthy Body Image

Sally Field… or dog poop?Photo: Getty Images

“I think I look like dog poop.” Sally Field on looking good at 60 [Health via Mollygood]

“That’s love. Wanting the same person to win on a reality show.” —Recently married New Pornographers front man A.C. Newman [NYT]

“I don’t know what I would do to get it. I mean, at this point I think you have to make a complete idiot of yourself. You have to be like Paula Abdul and fall all over yourself and pretend you’re strung out on something and behave like a freak.” Sandra Bernhard on achieving hyperfame [Guardian]

“I can’t, I cry every time I watch it. It kills me. I cried for the entire shooting of pilot. I am very moved by it.” Jennifer Love Hewitt, when asked if she watches her own show The Ghost Whisperer [Contact Music]

“Hopefully I make the Beatles proud. Big shout out to Paul McCartney and the whole gang, Ringo and everybody!” Ja Rule, who samples the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” on his upcoming album [Rolling Stone]
—Elizabeth Black

Sally Field Maintains a Healthy Body Image