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Simon Cowell Has One Idea

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Cowell Is Star Struck: Simon Cowell will produce Star Struck, a feature film that goes behind the scenes of a singing competition in which ten contestants vie to become a star. Not only do we think this movie sounds great, we can’t wait for the TV spinoff! [HR]

Black Seeks Adventures: Jack Black attached to The Lost Adventures of Stone Perlmutter Jr., a mockumentary about a hapless Indiana Jones–alike who went off in search of the Yeti and El Dorado. We look forward to the scene where Black gets all tangled up in his whip. [Variety]

NFL Produces Lombardi Film: The NFL plans to produce a feature for the first time, signing on as a lead producer in a Vince Lombardi biopic. The film will focus on the week before the Ice Bowl in 1967, and damn well better be good, because for Packer fans this is our The Passion of the Christ. [Variety]

Universal Options Silva Series: Daniel Silva’s series of spy novels is optioned by Universal, which eyes The Messenger as the first film in the series. Pierre Morel, longtime Luc Besson collaborator, will direct. [Variety]

Singleton Takes on Tulia: John Singleton will direct Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Tulia, based on outstanding Nate Blakeslee book about the small town in Texas that incarcerated 10 percent of its black population in a bogus drug bust. We’re excited that Singleton is making something that doesn’t seem shitty. [Variety]

Hinds, Morse in The Seafarer: Conor McPherson’s latest play, The Seafarer, announces Broadway cast, including Ciarán Hinds and David Morse. Morse plays one of a group of men playing cards with a mysterious stranger; Hinds plays the mysterious stranger. Jim Norton reprises his Olivier-winning role as well. [Playbill]

Whoopi on The View: Surprising no one, Whoopi Goldberg announced with great fanfare as Rosie O’Donnell’s replacement on The View. Most delightful lines in Variety’s coverage: Barbara Walters claiming “she’d like to find a way to give Goldberg a chance to resurrect some of her more familiar stage personas from her Broadway productions.” Yeah, match that, Hasselbeck! [Variety]

Simon Cowell Has One Idea