Snoop and the Game Reaffirm Position on Haters

Snoop looks for haters on Vulture’s masthead.Photo: Getty Images (Snoop Dog) Charbit/Dalle/Retna (The Game)

1. Snoop Dogg feat. the Game, “I’m Here”
As though plucked from the summer of 1993, Snoop and the Game trade anti-hater barbs and boast about their low-riders. Apparently, California still knows how to party. [Nah Right]

2. Lyle Workman feat. Bootsy Collins, “Superwhat?”
It’s not the same without doodles of male members cascading across the big screen, but the closing credit song from the greatest cinematic achievement of the 21st century is still a pretty badass funk workout (and features Bootsy Collins calling out McLovin). [Minneapolis Fucking Rocks]

3. Paramore, “Misery Business”
Paramore front lady Hayley Williams sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne, but her band’s brand of teenage angst feels fresher, louder, and angrier. Expect these guys to headline a My Super Sweet 16 party soon. [Central Village]

4. Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker, “Hard Sun”
The good: Former Sleater-Kinney front woman Tucker still has one of the most distinct voices in rock, and we miss her badly. The bad: Eddie Vedder does most of the singing. However, this sharp road anthem packs an excellent end-of-summer punch with a melancholy fist. [Fuel Friends]

5. Ben Lee, “White People for Peace” (Against Me! Cover)
Ben Lee liked the new Against Me! album so much, he decided to cover the entire thing. So if you enjoy your agit-punk with spacey effects and acoustic strumming, this is your album of the decade. [Panda Toes]
—Kyle Anderson

Snoop and the Game Reaffirm Position on Haters