Snow Patrol Only Slightly Annoying, for a Change

Snow Patrol run up an electric bill.Photo: Getty Images

1. Snow Patrol, “Open Your Eyes (Joe K Remix)”
These anthem-mongers get a sharp electro treatment that’s not nearly as annoying as your typical modern-rock-disco remix (which is to say still sort of annoying). [Get Weird Turn Pro]

2. White Stripes, “Who’s a Big Baby”
Jack White is a father again. Let’s all hope the kid didn’t arrive before his due date, or some obstetrician is going to get an angry phone call. [Twelve Major Chords]

3. Joe Henry, “Time Is a Lion”
Madonna’s brother-in-law has a new album, and it’s just as brutally nuanced and heartbreaking as all his other work, though science has yet to prove whether time is actually a jungle cat. [Songs Illinois]

4. Buffalo Tom, “Lost Downtown”
Made famous for soundtracking the best episode of My So-Called Life ever, Massachusetts’ Buffalo Tom have a new album, and this song is 38 times better than the best 30 Seconds to Mars tune. [Lines of Best Fit]

5. Aesop Rock, “Coffee”
The best white rapper not named Marshall delivers a punchy rave-up about his love of caffeine and his hatred of walkie-talkies. Or something. [Spinner]
—Kyle Anderson

Snow Patrol Only Slightly Annoying, for a Change