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David Lynch on Why He Loves Ducks, Dissects Cats

“Death in my mind isn’t a finality. There’s a continuum.”Photo: iStockphoto, Getty Images

“That’s why I dissected the cat.” That’s filmmaker and strange, strange man David Lynch, by way of explaining why he’s so into … ducks. You needn’t watch Inland Empire, Lynch’s bizarre-even-for-him experiment in shooting video — now on DVD! — to tumble down the rabbit hole (cat hole? Duck hole?) after the guy. Just check out this GreenCine interview, where he expounds on what turns out to be one of his, uh, pet topics: the supreme aesthetic value of our feathered, pond-dwelling friends.

In trying to shed any light at all on what the duck the man is going on about (“The eye of the duck is the fastest, the most detailed, a gleaming little jewel, and I always thought, what a perfect place to put that, in the middle of the head …”), we did a search and discovered Lynch telling the cute little story of dissecting a kitty to Rolling Stone in 1980 — then, yes, expounding on ducks. Apparently, it all has to do with “textures.” Who doesn’t like a fluffy cat’s insides? —Nick Catucci

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David Lynch on Why He Loves Ducks, Dissects Cats