The Hives Drop a Bomb

Earplugs: Not gangsta.Photo: Timothy Cochrane / Retna

1. The Hives, “Tick Tick Boom”
Sweden’s second-greatest natural resource (the first: copper) returns with a single that sounds pretty much exactly the same as all of the band’s other ones — awesome. [All About Music]

2. Double Dagger, “Camera Chimera”
Everybody always goes nuts for Baltimore’s dance music, but the kids from Murderland know a thing or two about twitchy, schizophrenic noise rock, too. [Largehearted Boy]

3. Shocking Pinks, “I Want You Back”
Let the next great indie-rock debate of 2007 commence: Is the name of this group actually dirty, or just supposed to suggest dirtiness? [Panda Toes]

4. High on Fire, “Turk”
One of Dave Grohl’s favorite bands abandon the stoner qualities of their previous album for the sake of a gutsier Sabbath tribute, because fake Ozzies are way better than the real Ozzy nowadays. [Dalen]

5. Beck, “Forget Marie”
This Lee Hazelwood tribute was recorded last year, but Beck just resurrected it. Was he made aware of the country legend’s death via communication with Xenu? Better question: Will it ever not be fun to mock Scientology? We hope not. [Prefixmag]

6. Icewind, “No Other Way”
The three greatest words in the English language are “metal,” “power,” and “Canadian,” and this track happens to blend all three. We are all witnesses. [Invisible Oranges]
—Kyle Anderson

The Hives Drop a Bomb