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The Nerds Are Spawning in Cyberspace!

“Dude, do you ever get … curious?”Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The humble shall inherit the earth is really just another way of saying that the nerds shall have their revenge. And with nerd culture ascendant, from Harry Potter to Lupe Fiasco to graphic novels, it seems that the revenge is in full swing. But people dressing up as Lord Voldermort and waiting in line at bookstores is just the beginning.

Just as the Puritans rushed to the New World, forever imprinting it with all that … Puritan stuff, the nerds have rushed into the early makings of what nerd elder William Gibson termed “cyberspace” — what we now know as World of Warcraft. If you don’t start playing this game now, in ten years you’ll be about as relevant to the greater world as the Dutch. And here’s the proof: A new study of online gamers shows that not only are 30 percent of players attracted to one another, but that one in ten actually engage in “physical” relations. The nerds are getting themselves laid! (Contrary to what teen movies have long taught us, cool people no longer have to arrange this.) And this means the nerds are … spawning. (And probably converting those they meet offline: More than two-thirds of these sly dogs said it was better if their partners played.) Single people: Start collecting those gold coins. If you ever want to mate, you’re gonna need ‘em. — Nick Catucci

Study shows MMOs help make friends … and Lovers [Joystiq]

The Nerds Are Spawning in Cyberspace!